RUMO JSC on production, repairs, upgrades and raising energy efficiency of gas-powered compressors

О.G. Bessonov, RUMO JSC (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

For over 70 years already, the RUMO Plant (formerly, Engine of the Revolution) has specialized in the development, production, delivery and servicing of gas-powered compressors, piston compressors and generator sets based thereon, and diesel, gas-diesel and gas-piston internal combustion engines. RUMO gas-powered compressors are widely used to pump gas into underground storage facilities, as well as at booster compressor stations for oil and gas processing plants.

Over the years of its operation, RUMO has made more than 13,000 internal combustion engines and over 1000 gas-powered compressors (GPCs). Nowadays, in the world there are more than 500 operating GPCs developed and manufactured by RUMO, of which 210 are located in Russia.

For more than 70 years, various modifications of RUMO GPCs have been used at Gazprom PJSC’s facilities (over 100 units are currently in operation). The manufacturer-declared GPC operating time to major overhaul is 80 ths. hours, and the service life is 25 years. This being said, experience has shown a high mechanical strength safety margin provided for the GPC design at the development stage. With careful operation and skilled maintenance, the GPC service lives are practically unlimited.

The company turnaround led to creating RUMO JSC, which has acted as a center for comprehensive engineering solutions for the oil and gas, power generation and shipbuilding industries since 2019.

RUMO JSC is settled on 9 ha in Nizhny Novgorod and runs its own production sites (61,000 m2) that include a machining shop, a welding and preparation shop, an assembly and warehousing shop and a test rig site to test GPCs, piston compressors and internal combustion engines (ICEs) running on different types of fuel.

In 2019, RUMO started its renovation, which resulted in launching a new business model, namely the fabrication of packaged modular structures including ones for gas pumping unit (GPUs). The products are manufactured on imported up-to-date equipment; seven turboset packages have already been fabricated for a section in the Ukhta – Torzhok trunk gas pipeline system, leg 2 (Yamal), which makes part of Gazprom PJSC’s gas transportation system.

The machining shop is fitted with over 200 equipment units and accommodates specialized assembly sites producing parts and assemblies for piston compressors and ICEs.

A new assembly shop has been created, which allows for simultaneous assembling, packing and shipping up to 14 sets of modules and systems, e.g. compressor units and power units.

During its turnaround, RUMO JSC purchased all of the relevant intellectual property including engineering and technical documentation, patents, and the RUMO and Engine of the Revolution trademarks. RUMO set up its process engineering department, now staffed by 71 employees.

Our design process uses up-to-date methods of 3D solid-state parametric design based on licensed Russian software.

In 2019, the company underwent a certification of its quality management system for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001 and STO Gazprom 9001 using the Intergazcert voluntary certification system. Our welding equipment and process are certified for compliance with the requirements of the self-regulating organization named the National Welding Inspection Agency.

Currently, RUMO JSC is preparing to release its 4 MW Type 6PK32 opposite piston compressor with a 32 t rod force. The production prototype of 6PK32 was tested in 2016 at the Rozhdestvenskaya compressor station run by Gazprom Stavropol UGS Directorate’s branch company Gazprom UGS LLC, within the GPA-4RMP compressor unit driven by a gas turbine made by ОDK – Gas Turbines JSC. As a result of the acceptance tests, this compressor was recommended for use at Gazprom companies and planned to be used for Gazprom UGS LLC’s facilities renovation.

Our company is prepared to offer Gazprom PJSC to manufacture and deliver complete GPUs and modular compressor units connected, by means of different drive types, with a 6PK32 piston compressor, in which 90% of parts and assemblies are made in house.

RUMO’s another business activity is the production of generator sets with outputs from 0.5 to 1.6 MW running on different types of fuel including gas.

RUMO JSC has its own highly qualified servicing department staffed by professionals with over 25 years of GPC maintenance experience, which is prepared to provide complete and comprehensive maintenance service throughout the product’s lifecycle, with the manufacturer warranty covering:

– repair of parts and assemblies at the manufacturer’s site;

– routine repairs, medium-scale repairs and major overhauls at the operator companies’ sites;

– fault detection and inspection of GPCs Type 10GK and MK8;

– technical inspections of GPC parts, assemblies and units, with official conclusions to be issued;

– repair of any GPC and ICE crankshafts, centrifugal compressor rotors and turbine rotors by way of re-engineering or based on the customer’s engineering documentation.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive GPC upgrades:

– optimization of operating parameters;

– capacity increase;

– energy efficiency enhancement;

– process automation based on up-to-date technical solutions;

– extension of operating time between repairs.

RUMO JSC is prepared to upgrade:

– turbocharging systems;

– fueling systems;

– moving parts;

– oil filtering system;

– GPC automation system, as applicable to ignition, operation monitoring and GPC control systems including automatic sequences of GPC startup, shutdown, loading, unloading and rotating speed adjustment, as well as auxiliary systems control.

Source: Gas Industry, no. 3|813|2021

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