/01 Comprehensive maintenance service

  • Full-scale servicing support of gas-powered compressors throughout their life cycles including warranty coverage;
  • In-house servicing department: 16 professionals with a average experience of 25 years;
  • Full-scale engineering and technical support;
  • Original documentation for all gas-powered compressors made by Engine of the Revolution and RUMO OJSC;
  • Original documentation for all gas-powered compressors made by Engine of the Revolution and RUMO OJSC;
  • Fault detection and inspection of gas-powered compressors Type 10GK and MK8, and engines;
  • Technical inspection of gas-powered compressor parts, assemblies and units with issuing official conclusions
  • Capabilities and competences to manufacture and repair any types of crankshafts for GPCs and ICEs and rotors for centrifugal compressors and turbines either through re-engineering or as per the customer's engineering documentation;
  • Repair of parts and assemblies in the manufacturer’s factory conditions including:
    • Power components repair (piston rods, slippers, pins, pistons);
    • Crankshaft repair;
    • Cylinder barrel repair
    • Piston repair.

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/02 Machining services

Services of welding and assembly, machining, testing. Fabrication of large-sized items.

Types of work:
  • Lathing lengths up to 12,000 mm, dia. to up 2 200 mm;
  • Planing and milling lengths up to 12,000 mm, heights up to 2500 mm;
  • Boring operations: table bearing capacities up to 50,000 kg;
  • Painting including metal surface treatment: 6000*6000*12000 mm;
  • Large-sized honing and polishing;
  • Fabrication of crankshafts — to 12 m.

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/03 Fabrication and repair of crankshafts

12 000 mm
Max. length
90–450 mm
Neck dia.
Types of work:
  • Vortex milling machines to manufacture crankshafts up to 12,000 mm long;
  • Lathing machines capable of working with parts up to 10,000 mm long;
  • Polishing machines to work main bearing journals and crankpins of large-sized crankshafts;
  • Milling and boring machines for large-sized parts up to 10,000 mm long;
  • Heat treatment equipment.

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/04 Comprehensive upgrades of gas-powered compressors

  • Optimization of operating parameters;
  • Capacity increase;
  • Energy efficiency enhancement;
  • Process automation based on up-to-date technical solutions;
  • Extension of operating time between repairs.

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