/01 Our team

Our company employs over 300 highly qualified professionals. Our strong team of managers and process and design engineers is proficient in design, manufacture and delivery of up-to-date equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our engineers’ average working experience exceeds 25 years. People are our company’s main asset and value. Each employee is important for us and brings knowledge, experience and skills into the team making our company different from all the other ones in the region.

highly qualified professionals
25 years
average working experience
  • Development: we develop together with our company to shape our future;
  • Dedication: we’re full of enthusiasm, we aspire to fulfill all our objectives in the best possible way, and we care about the result;
  • Proficiency: we are experienced in creating complex technical solutions;
  • Commitment: we are committed to fulfilling our obligations prescribed by law or by moral and ethical considerations, and we are prepared to bear relevant costs.

/02 Human resources policy

Our employees’ personal and professional safety and development are most important criteria for our company, and these criteria incorporate the following aspects:

Security and stability:

All labor relations with our employees are based on the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, which means that our employees can rely on:

  • Timely, formalized and duly taxed salaries and wages that match the employee’s qualification and the complexity, amount, quality and conditions of the employee’s work;
  • A decent level of salaries and wages based on the monitoring of salaries and wages and labor market reviews in the region;
  • All types of vacations;
  • Sick leave allowance;
  • Proper taxation for each employee;
  • Privileged retirement pensions;
  • Bonus payments in addition to salaries and wages, and privileged bonuses for employees working in harmful and (or) hazardous conditions.
Labor conditions:
  • all workplaces are subject to specialized assessment of labor conditions;
  • we provide every employee with work clothes and detergents;
  • we carry out regular rooms disinfection;
  • we arrange for taking meals and maintaining hygiene.
Social security provisions:

We provide more favorable conditions employee motivation and self-expression, hence each of our employees:

  • is insured against accidents starting from day one;
  • is entitled to additional medical insurance;
  • can count on financial assistance at times of hardship in life;
  • receives bonuses to mark professional holidays and important dates;
  • receives presents for their children.
Adaptation and training:

We are interested in our employees’ professional growth since continuous learning and development is the only possible way for the company to exist.

Our company provides occupational training, re-training, advanced training, training in the employees’ second professions, on and off the job.

For our new employees, we offer an adaptation program and a tutorship system. The program includes a mandatory tour of RUMO JSC’s museum.

/03 Career

To start a career with RUMO JSC, please make your CV or apply for an open job.

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/04 Specialized assessment of labor conditions.

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If you’d like to order a service or equipment or simply ask a question, please write to us. We will contact you as soon as practicable.

Russia, 603061, Nizhny Novgorod, Admiral Nakhimov St., 13.