Opposite reciprocating compressors

Piston compressors Type 6PK12, 6PK32 are designed for compressing and pumping natural and associated petroleum gases with different chemical compositions and shall operate within gas pumping units with different drive types.

  • In the construction of compressor stations (CS) underground gas storage (UGS) facilities;
  • For booster compressor stations (BCS);
  • For upgrades of obsolete compressor shops in the oil and gas industry nearing the ends of their service lives.
  • For pumping high-pressure gas into oil formations in case of gas lifting for oil recovery intensification;

RUMO JSC manufactures its compressors in accordance with the technical documentation developed for RUMO piston compressors by its chief designer department and approved under the established procedure. The company holds patents for useful models and owns design documentation for its products.

The compressors are made in the climatic version UKhL 3.1 (Ultra Cold) as per GOST 15150 and are designed to operate at ambient air temperatures from 218 K (minus 55º С) to 318 K (plus 45º С) and in closed ventilated rooms at temperatures not lower than 278 K (plus 5º С).

The compressor design shall allow temperature inside the shelter to drop from plus 45º with to minus 45º in case of an idle GPU if there is no compressed gas pressure in compressor cylinders and buffer tanks and in suction and discharge nozzles.

Opposite piston compressor 6PK32
Opposite piston compressor 6PK12

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