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/01 Opposite piston compressors

Reciprocating compressors of type 6 PK 12, 6PK32 are designed for compression and pumping of natural and associated petroleum gases and are used to work as part of gas pumping units with various types of drives.

This section presents opposed reciprocating compressors with a capacity of 0.5 to 4 MW for various types of compressed gases and units based on them.

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/02 Gas-powered compressors

JSC "RUMO" is the only company in the Russian Federation that designs and manufactures various types of gas compressors for the gas, oil and chemical industries. Gas turbine compressors are widely used for pumping gas into underground gas storage facilities, at booster compressor stations, during the re-injection of associated petroleum gas into the reservoir, in oil refineries and gas processing plants.

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/03 Complete gas pumping units, their modules and systems

Fully packaged gas pumping units (GPUs) and compressor units (CUs) with power outputs from 1 to 25 MW based on gas turbine engines, electric motors, gas reciprocating engines, centrifugal and opposite reciprocating compressos, as well as their separated modules and systems.

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/04 RUMO generator sets based on in-house-made ICEs Type ChN22/28 and Type ChN32/40 (advanced development)

RUMO generator sets can be used as main, backup or emergency power sources operating either as standalone units or in parallel with other generator sets and/or with the industrial mains.

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/05 Electric power plants and electrical installations with in-house-made generator sets

JSC RUMO manufactures diesel power plants with a capacity from 0.75 to 1.2 MW and gas piston power plants with a capacity from 0.75 to 1 MW of block-container design based on internal combustion engines of its own production. Gas piston power plants with a capacity of 1.4 MW and a diesel power plant with a capacity of 1.6 MW are being developed. The power plants run on associated gas and various types of heavy fuels. At the request of customers, power plants are equipped with heat recovery systems for engine exhaust gases, which can be used for heating or refrigeration units.

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/06 Ship engines and stationary engines

The RUMO plant has been specializing in the development, production, supply and service of medium-speed diesel, gas-diesel and gas piston internal combustion engines from 750 to 1600 kW for more than 120 years. RUMO internal combustion engines are widely used for power generation facilities, in the river and marine fleets as the main marine diesel engines and marine electric units.

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/07 Spare parts

JSC "RUMO" manufactures and sells replacement spare parts that fully comply with the current design documentation, which meet all the requirements for reliable and safe use in operation.

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