Complete gas pumping units, their modules and systems

Gas pumping units are designed to compress natural gas supplied to the compressor station via the main gas pipeline to a predetermined value.

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JSC "RUMO" offers the following solutions:
  • Piston compressor 6PK32 with a capacity from 1.0 to 4.0 MW and a capacity from 1.0 to 9.0 million m3/day
  • A complete gas pumping unit with a capacity from 1.0 to 4.0 MW with parallel-sequential injection based on the RUMO 6PK32 reciprocating compressor and a domestic-made gas turbine engine (ODK)
  • Gas pumping unit based on the MKS12 gas compressor
  • Gas pumping units based on GTU and CBK with a capacity from 6 to 25 MW

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The main blocks and systems of the GPA manufactured by JSC "RUMO":
  • Piston compressor (PC) and gas turbine compressors (GTC)
  • Gas piston engine (GPE)
  • Power unit (turbo unit)
  • Compressor unit
  • Oil blocks
  • Buffer gas and separation air system
  • Cooling and air discharge system
  • Fuel gas metering and filter unit
  • Support frames
  • Prefabricated and easy-to-assemble shelters
The pictures show the appearance of the GPA-25A gas pumping unit developed by AviagazCenter LLC.
Appearance of GPA-25A
The layout of the GPA-25A
GPA-25A (hangar)
GPA-25A (inside the hangar)

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