Complete gas pumping units, their modules and systems

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Major parts:
  • GPE: gas piston engine;
  • PC: piston compressor;
  • GTU, GPE, el. motor, centrifugal compressor (CC), piston compressor (PC);
  • Oil modules for CC, PC, GTU;
  • Auxiliary systems module;
  • Fire extinguishing module;
  • Automation module;
  • Inlet air-filtering system, including suction noise damper, suction chamber;
  • Fuel gas filter module;
  • Support frame.
  • Exhaust system;
  • Ventilation module;
  • Maintenance platforms and ladders;
  • GTU cooling systems;
  • Separation filter module;
The pictures show the appearance of the GPA-25A gas pumping unit developed by AviagazCenter LLC.
Picture 1.jpg
Picture 2.jpg
Inside the hangar.jpg

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