RUMO JSC is a heavy industries company with a storied history

/01 RUMO JSC today

  • Site area: 90,000 m2;
  • Shopfloor area: 61,000 m2;
  • Machining shop: 31,000 m2;
  • Welding and preparation shop: 6,200 m2;
  • Assemble and warehousing shop: 5,300 m2;
  • Test rig shop: 6,000 m2;
  • Administrative building: 10,500 m2.

/02 Our history

/03 Mission and strategic objectives

RUMO JSC’s mission is creating a modern and competitive company for implementing comprehensive engineering solutions in order to design, manufacturer, deliver and service installations based on in-house-made piston compressors and internal combustion engines for any industry.

For that purpose, RUMO JSC:

  • Develops and improves its quality management system on the basis of a process-based approach and risk-oriented methods, as well as the requirements of national, international and relevant industry standards;
  • Invests in its further development.
Our strategic objectives are to become a reliable, client-oriented equipment supplier and provide servicing throughout the equipment life-cycle. And to raise trust in the quality of Russian-made products.

/04 Top management

Koptsev Alexander Viktorovich

General Director

Vladimir Vasilyevich Denisenko

First Deputy General Director, Technical Director

Stanislav Valentinovich Anisimov

Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales

Dmitry Andreyevich Kharin

Deputy General Director, Security

Alexander Alexandrovich Goncharenko

Chief Engineer

Vladimir Vladimirovich Kozhukhar

Director of Economics and Finance

Alexei Gennadyevich Leshchev

Administrative Director

Yelena Vladimirovna Yeryomina

Chief Accountant

Dmitry Sergeyevich Shulga

Director, IT

Yulia Alexandrovna Romanova

Director, Quality

Sergey Alexandrovich Shapkin

Director of Purchasing and External Cooperation

/05 Quality Management System

In late 2019 RUMO’s quality management system (QMS) was inspected and recognized as compliant with the requirements of the standards below:

The following product types:
  • gas-powered compressos;
  • compressors (piston-type, centrifugal, screw-type);
  • piston ICEs on different types of fuel;
  • ICE-based generator sets;
  • GPU turbosets;
  • GPU compressor sets.
With respect to:
  • design;
  • production;
  • delivery;
  • installation supervision;
  • maintenance;
  • repair;
  • spare parts delivery.
GOST R ISO 9001-2015 Certificate — PDF
STO Gazprom 9001-2018 Certificate — PDF
RUMO JSC Quality Policy

/06 Certificates

NAKS-equipment 1
NAKS-equipment 2
NAKS-equipment 3
Certificate of attestation
NAKS-MP technology
NAKS-RAD technology
Recognition of the RM of JSC RUMO
Refusal RUMO-402 and RUMO-404 according to ТР ТС 010
Refusal RUMO-402 and RUMO-404 according to ТР ТС 004
Seismic resistance certificate for an electric unit
Calculation and test report for a gas piston electric unit
Industrial safety certificate for the gas piston electric unit С-ПЭ.120.ТУ.00099
Conclusion on industrial safety 346-ТУ-08-22
Certificate for climate tests
Calculation and protocol of the climate tests
Earthquake resistance certificate for power plant
Calculation and test report on seismic resistance of GPES RUMO- 702
Industrial safety certificate for the power plant
Conclusion on industrial safety 357-ТУ-08-22

/07 Production

Welding and Preparation Shop
6,200 m²
Shopfloor area
125 tonnes
Lifting equipment capacity
120 tonnes
Relay platforms lifting capacity
Operations performed:
  • Cutting of any materials with thicknesses up to 250 mm and sized 2000x6000 mm, with 5D machining available.
  • Sawing of pre-products up to dia. 630 mm.
  • Guillotine machine with a 3000 mm knife and a functionality to cut steel sheets up to 13 mm thick.
  • Sheet bending press with a working area up to 3000 mm and a force of 320 t.
  • Welding in shielding gas, submerged arc welding, manual electric arc welding.
  • Welding column for welding in shielding gas and submerged arc welding, parts sized up to dia. 4000 mm, and for straight welds up to 8000 mm.
  • Mandrel bending machine capable of the 3D bending of pipes up to dia. 90 mm and up to 6000 mm long.
  • Roll-bending of steel sheets up to 80 mm thick, 2100 mm wide, dia. 4000 mm, with a possibility to roll-bend tapered items.
  • Bead-blasting chamber sized 6000x6000x12000 mm for surface treatment for painting
  • Painting and drying chamber sized 6000x6000x12000, with a possibility of airless painting and drying at up to 90 degrees.

Machining shop
31,000 m²
Shopfloor area
160 tonnes
Lifting equipment capacity
120 tonnes
Relay platforms lifting capacity
Operations performed:
  • Turning: length up to 12,000 mm, dia. to 2,200 mm.
  • Planing and milling: lengths up to 12,000 mm, heights up to 2,500 mm.
  • Boring operations: table bearing capacities up to 50,000 kg.
  • Large-sized honing and polishing.
  • Crankshaft manufacturing: up to 12 m.

Assemble and warehousing shop
5 300 m²
Shopfloor area
160 tonnes
Lifting equipment capacity
120 tonnes
Relay platforms lifting capacity
Operations performed:
  • Additional assembly floor areas.
  • Completing.
  • Mothballing.
  • Packing.
  • Storage.
  • Shipment.

Test rig shop
6,000 m²
Shopfloor area
    6 test cubicles, 1,000 m2 each, for various testing:
  • 0.5 to 4 MW gas-powered compressors;
  • 0.5 to 4 MW internal combustion engines;
  • 0.5 to 4 MW piston compressors.

/08 References

This section sets out information on the projects implemented.


/09 Feedback