RUMO-402 with a rated power of 800 kW

RUMO JSC offers advanced gas piston generator set series RUMO-404 and RUMO-402 in different versions.
The generator set drivetrain uses advanced medium-speed gas four-stroke, in-line, 6-9-cylinder, vertical, trunk-type, non-reversible piston engines with pilot-flame spark ignition, with turbocharging and with turbocharged air cooling, Type GChN22/28, series RUMO-504 and RUMO-502, which can run on natural gas GOST 5542-2014 with calorific capacities of 7500…8600 kcal/nm3.

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/01 Specifications:
/02 Versions
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RUMO-402 with a rated power of 1600 kW
RUMO-404 with a rated power of 800 kW

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